Distribution Ultrasonic audio technologies


We are proud to announce we are now distributing Ultrasonic audio technologies 'Acouspade' directional speakers.  Ultrasonic develops different products based on focussing airborne ultrasound. The Acouspade directional speaker has been used in a wide variety of situations including museums, galleries, retail stores, offices, digital kiosks, fairs, etc., by clients and integrators in over 50 countries worldwide.


Distribution EliAcoustic


EliAcoustic designs and produces decorative acoustic panels with innovative solutions. In addition to the engineering, consulting and acoustic tests teams, we have specialists in design and interior design, allowing us to envision, design and produce beautiful acoustic panels. Inspired by the latest trends, and developed after years of acoustic research in our laboratory, EliAcoustic products represent a new way to improve the room acoustics.